This half term class 3 and class 4 are learning all about superheroes! Our half term started by a horrid letter left for us to find from professor slime! He left his mischievous slime all over our outside area and the letter insisted that he is going to turn us all into revolting naughty children! He even wanted us to swing on our chairs and hide in the cloakroom!! Luckily we are far too sensible for that and are trying our hardest and using our superpowers to turn professor slime into a goodie!

Our role play area is superhero city and we must save the world from all that is evil (that is a superheroes job after all!)

In art we are looking at superhero cities in art and which colours make a lovely sunset – here are some examples of our superhero cities.

In literacy, we have been looking at what makes a good comic strip and have created our own! They are super exciting and we have even used speech bubbles and onomatopoeic words!!