Topic Update

Class 7 and 8 are learning all about predators during this half term.


Children enjoyed making an information booklet all about foxes to share with the ks1 children.

We received a letter from a local bird sanctuary, explaining to the children that Eric the Eagle has gone missing in Rawmarsh and asking if we could make posters to find him. The children really enjoyed creating the posters and did an excellent job. We now need to wait and see if Eric will be found.

The children are currently thinking of ideas for their spider poems, which they will be writing this week.


This half term the children have been learning about measures (distance and length) and have been practising measuring objects using a ruler, estimating and converting measures. This week they have started to complete some tricky measurement problems.


The children have made some beautiful designs of some predators that they are going to be producing using clay.

They have also been developing their sketching skills, creating some gorgeous birds in flight pictures.


The children had fun creating a life size skeleton and learning about why a skeleton is important.

They have learnt about what animals eat and have created some food chain to show how energy is passed from the producer (plant) to the consumers (animals).

Using a Venn diagram, the children have shown which animals are omnivores, herbivores and carnivores.

Heres some examples of our great work: