Underwater Predators

Year 3 were so interested in our Predator topic that we are now learning about underwater predators. Already, we have found interesting facts about the life cycle of a salmon and have found out where it travels, using our Geography skills.

We were very excited about our visit to The Deep and we were particularly excited about seeing the sharks and learning about them. There were lots of interesting things to see. We were amazed by the sharks, rays and swordfish and the penguins were really cute. We used our detective skills to decide which predator had killed the parrot fish and we found out all about underwater food chains. Looking through a microscope was very interesting and we even got that chance to investigate sharks’ teeth.

In our English work, we have been writing a recount about our visit to the Deep. Using time openers, we wrote clearly about what happened, in the correct order. The next piece of writing we will be completing is a diary of a deep sea diver who goes on an underwater adventure.

Later, in Science, we will be learning about how pollution can affect marine life and carrying experiments to find out the best method to clean up oil spills. We will also be investigation which material makes the best fossil.

In Art, we will be creating a class fish, where we will all create a scale using different media. We will create a clay sea creature and we will do some pencil and pastel drawings of sea creatures.

Making a moving sea monster using pneumatic devices is what our focus in Design and Technology will be.