Year 4

Welcome to our Year 4 Page!

Miss Burgoyne, Mrs Ollivant, Mrs Walker and Miss Owens are all working incredibly hard in Year 4 to ensure that the children in Year 4 are making great steps towards improving and progressing in their learning this year. We are so immensely proud of all of the children in Year 4. They are truly determined to succeed!

Our learning so far

Year 4 have been learning about a variety of topics since starting in September. Our first topic was ‘Road Trip USA!’. Year 4 absolutely loved learning all about Native America and especially loved the visit to Manchester Airport. In Autumn 2 half-term, Year 4’s topic was ‘Potions’. They learnt about Macbeth and enjoyed creating their own potions and making soap to sell at the Christmas fayre. In Spring 1 half-term, Year 4 moved on to the ‘Burps Bottom and Bile topic, focusing on the digestive system. The children enjoyed learning about the journey our food takes through the body. In Spring 2 half-term, Year 4 continued the Burps. Bottoms and Bile topic but focused upon the teeth. The children learnt valuable skills in the form of sewing tooth fairy pouches and making clay models of a jaw.

Our current learning

During the summer term the topic in Year 4 is ‘Traders and Raiders. Year 4 will learn all about the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons. In Maths our topics are: statistics and geometry. In topic work we will be looking at the history of the Vikings, where and why they traded. In science we will be learning all about the ear and how we hear different sounds. In Art and Design and Technology, we will be combining the skills learnt throughout the year to design and make a number of exciting pieces of artwork.

Important Dates and Information

PE – Our PE days are Monday and Thursday. We recommend that your child has their PE kit at school all week in order to participate in both of these sessions and that they have both an indoor and outdoor PE kit. Swimming is on a Friday so children will need to bring their swimming kit, including a swimming cap.

Homework – It is incredibly important that Year 4 children are reading every day at home and are discussing what they are reading with their parents/carers in order to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of a variety of texts. Furthermore, we ask that you encourage your children to practise their times tables at home. We highly recommend that your child uses Times Tables Rockstars as this encourages children to learn their times tables facts in a very enjoyable way. Year 4 children will also have a piece of Maths and English homework each Friday, which is due the following Friday. Children are also asked to complete topic related homework, which they can then bring to school to present in class. Here are some ideas for our current topic:

  • Design and make a Viking model (this could be a ship, a shield, a Viking weapon or a Viking man or woman)
  • Write a story, diary or newspaper about a Viking
  • Carry out research relating to the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons 

Planners – Children should bring their planners to school every day, along with the book they are reading. Children will receive a dojo if they have read at home three or more times that current week and a parent/carer has signed their journal on each of those days. We also encourage the children in Year 4 to record the page numbers that they have read during that day in their reading journal to help them to keep track of how much they have read.

Water Bottles – It is important that all Year 4 children are sent to school with a water bottle so that they can be hydrated and healthy throughout the day.