Monkwood Pledges

At Monkwood, we believe that we should send our students out into the world able and qualified and with basic life skills that will last a lifetime. The Monkwood Pledge encourages students to engage and take part in experiences which will help them to understand the world around them and be able to play a positive role in their community and beyond.

Pledge Categories

The Monkwood Pledge is designed to make students more resilient, independent, confident and determined.

It is divided into the following three categories, with examples of some of the tasks you may carry out.

Active Citizenship

  • Volunteering and charity
  • Appreciating diversity
  • Democracy

Life Skills

  • Career and aspiration
  • Effective communication
  • Well-being

Cultural Experiences

  • Extra-curricular
  • Outside school
  • Understanding your roots

About the Pledges

The Monkwood pledge has a Bronze, Silver and Gold award and these are presented throughout the year at awards ceremonies.

Why are we encouraging students to achieve pledges?

  • Pledges encourage students to get involved in a wide range of different activities in school and outside school.
  • Students will gain a wide variety of new and exciting experiences which will increase self-esteem, raise confidence, make them feel ‘good’ about themselves.
  • They inspire students to have drive and tenacity, to stick at a task, to understand how to set, work towards and achieve long term goals.
  • Students will gain valuable life experiences and skills to help them progress to further study and an exciting career, putting them on a path to success.
  • They help shape students to become more prosperous, well-rounded young adults.
  • Above all, pledges help students to have a more valuable and enjoyable experience at school.

Why are Pledges important?

  • The Monkwood Pledge sets high expectations for our students and demands personal accountability.
  • Students will be provided with new experiences, learn new skills, develop existing knowledge, gain in confidence and grow as an individual and as a ‘team player.’
  • Together, the attributes and skills developed throughout the Monkwood aim to develop students’ aspirations about their future, their abilities and drive them on to great things.
  • The Monkwood Pledge embodies the Monkwood Way and this is an expectation of our entire school community.

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