Foundation Stage 1

This week we have been reading a story called ‘The train ride’ 🚂 We have been using dojo with photos from home, to talk about our journeys. Macy said, “I went on an aeroplane up in the sky with my friend to the beach and it took a long time.” In our creative area, we [...]
In class 1 this week we have been for a lovely walk in our beautiful woodland area. We spotted the pretty bluebells. Pippa said, “I’ve seen them pretty flowers before”. In our creative area, we have been drawing pictures of them. Aren’t they beautiful?
This half term our topic is called How do I get there?  We will be looking at all types of transport and vehicles. This week we have been learning all about tractors and where you would see a tractor. We have been making our own tractors in the construction area and in our literacy area [...]
We have had some special visitors today, the children absolutely fell in love with them straight away. George said “They’re so fluffy” 🐣
The book we have been reading this week is called ‘Elmer’ and learning all about colours. In our creative area with have been making our own Elmer using various colours. Here are some of our beautiful activities. We’ve had such a fun week!
Our story this week is called ‘The Colour  Monster’. We have been talking about our feelings and what makes us happy and sad. We have had many activities in our class all around colours. What is your favourite colour? How does it make you feel?
This week in FS1 our story is called ‘Wow! Said the 🦉owl' We have been in the woods today listening to the sounds of the birds, and collecting sticks to make nests we also found some colourful feathers. What an amazing day we’ve had.
This week we have been looking for shapes in our environment. We have been learning all about a circle, rectangle, square and triangle. We even had special shaped toast on Friday.
This week in class 1 we have been reading the story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ We have been using the props to act out the story and we have been drawing pictures of the bear. We are trying so hard with our pencil grip. Well done class 1!
On Friday 4th February staff and children took part in NSPCC numbers day by wearing something with numbers on it, in total we raised £186.00. Here are some children from FS1 proudly showing off their numbers.