Foundation Stage 1

Look at our new outside area in Foundation One!
In foundation one we had a little visit from Rhubarb and Custard, our school pets. The children enjoyed stroking them and watching them play together. Dakota said “They’re so soft” and Axel said “so cute”.
Our new topic is: “Where does snow go?” We have been exploring ice and we have watched it melt and talked about the changes in the environment. We have had so much fun in Foundation 1.
Our festive play this year in Foundation 1 and 2 was The Nativity. The children enjoyed dressing up, singing and acting out their roles on stage. We are really proud of how amazing the children develop their performing skills in such a short time.
In foundation stage one we have had a little visit last week from Mr Snuggletoes, he loved meeting all our nursery children and exploring our classroom.

Our topic for summer 2 is “ Why can’t I have chocolate breakfast ?” 

Our topic for summer one is “How many pebbles on a Beach?”. The children have loved exploring with natural materials they found on a beach. We have been estimating, 1-1 counting, talking about textures and sharing some of the things we have observed on our holidays.

In foundation one we have been following on from our topic “are eggs alive” by having an amazing surprise visit from some gorgeous, fluffy, cute baby chicks! Aren’t they just gorgeous!!!!! 

Class 2 had lots of fun dressing up for world book day!

Take a look at our amazing spring displays in Foundation Stage 1! We have created some lovely areas for our new topic – Spring 2.