Foundation Stage 2

Class 2 had a very special visitor in before the holidays. The Queen came to answer our questions and read us her new special book. We showed her how we could bow and curtsey!
Class 2 have been learning all about Sheep. We used a special kind of printing ink and rollers and made our own swirly sleep fur patterns šŸ‘
Class 2 had the best time visiting Cannon Hall Farm yesterday. The farmers took us around and we learnt all about the different animals that live on the farm. We had the best day ever!
This week we have been reading the story ā€˜Handas Surpriseā€™ we have been acting out the story in the construction area. In the literacy area, we have been drawing pictures of Handa and our favourite fruits.šŸšŸ“ On Wednesday we tried so many delicious fruits in our class. They were yummy! ā€œI like oranges bestā€ said [...]
The children in FS2 have all entered a competitionĀ entitled the 'River of Hope' where 200 winning schools artwork will be pictured on flags and will move along The Mall like a river as part of the Queen's JubileeĀ celebrations. We made ours from recycled bottle tops as we learnt aboutĀ theĀ pollution that goes into our rivers and [...]
Class 2 have been learning all about healthy and unhealthy foods this week and as part of our learning we all joined in with tasting some fruits and vegetables we might have not tried before šŸ„¬šŸ«‘šŸ„šŸ„­šŸ« They were yummy!
During British Science Week, Class 2 discussed how to take care of a seed by giving it water and sunlight. We have all planted a sunflower seed and after it has sprouted we are going to take them home and have a competition to see whose has grown the tallest.
In Class 2 this week whilst learning about the ā€˜Superwormā€™ story the children built and added worms to their very own wormery. They collected the mud from the woods and enjoyed adding the worms to it. We are keeping an eye on the worms in class and the children have noticed the worms have started [...]

Class 3 is learning about Superworm this week in literacy. They have loved exploring a worm’s natural habitat, digging for worms, and creating their own wormery.

This week Class 2 have been learning all about how to clean our teeth properly for 2 minutes. We also enjoyed learning a fun new song to help us brush our teeth šŸ¦·