School News

Dear Parent, If you would like your child to receive the Nasal Flu Vaccine in school please follow this link to complete an online consent form; The vaccinations will take place at school on 10/11/2021. The link will close on 02/11/2021. If your child has already had the Nasal Flu Vaccine since Sept 2021 […]

Monkwood Monster Mash-Up - Friday 22nd of October 2021 Organised by Monkwood school council
On Tuesday 12th October, the entire school celebrated National Spain Day. Everyone made a huge effort to dress in red and yellow (the colours of the Spain flag), or in other Spanish-related outfits - we had some authentic-looking flamenco dancers and plenty of Barcelona football shirts on show! Children enjoyed learning about the culture and [...]
Last week, Class 12 all gained a Cultural Experience Pledge by going on a school trip to Ulley Resevoir. We had great fun canoeing, kayaking and jumping in the water!

We are pleased to invite parents into school for our Tea and Talk SEND Parent Network Forum this Wednesday 6th October at 2 pm. For our first meeting, we have two practitioners to discuss anxiety and how you can help your child at home. Come and join us for a chat and a cuppa! If […]

Year 2 went on a visit to Conisbrough Castle. They had a wonderful time and the sun shone all day – they went in the keep, sketched the castle and used compasses to find their way around the castle grounds.

Year 2 have lots of baby stick insects! We have lots of nymphs free to a good home if anyone would like some – they eat ivy, bramble or privet.  

This week in Science, Year 6 children have been learning about what concave and convex lenses are. They also investigated how light behaves in them in comparison to a plane mirror.

Year 6 have been learning techniques for using watercolour pencils. We will be using them to create pictures of Whitby in the style of Caroline Appleyard.

Class 4 worked super hard last week, writing the story of Stick Man, creating beautiful stick men paintings and making amazing stick men in the atelier. Keep up the hard work Class 4!