Year Five

Children in Class 13 have been practicing their clay skills in preparation for making a clay tile featuring a clay invertebrate. The children have learnt how to shape, mould and join clay, and also have found different techniques for creating marks and patterns. They had lots of fun and produced some beautiful work.
Year 5 continued their art project looking at life like qualities and real life proportions and used clay to create a habitat tile for their clay invertebrate.

Class 5 have been learning how to build strong dens and structures this week with our new den making kit. They joined material carefully to the crates with clips and worked as a great team to build some fantastic lion dens!

Here are some photos of our Y5 children during their trip to Sherwood Pines in November. We went as part of our learning journey about the First World War. The children visited a replica of a trench and investigated the kit and uniform of a WW1 soldier.
The Orienteering Finals competition for some of our year 3, 4 and 5 children took place at the end of last term and we are incredibly proud of the year 3 & 4 team who made it through to the South Yorkshire Finals taking place on the 5th of July. All the children gave it [...]
The children have designed and made their own World War 1 trenches and they have included some very specific details.

Our first topic this half term has been, ‘Peasants, Princes and Pestilence.’ We have studied life in medieval times and found out about some of the disgusting diseases that people suffered from 700 years ago, including the plague.