Year Four

Our year 4 children had a Drone Workshop this morning with their parents and from the pictures you can see they had an awesome session. They learned how to use code to programme their drone and then complete a number of challenges. We absolutely loved it!
At Monkwood, children and their parents enjoyed a morning of CSI training so they can solve a crime next week. They loved their training and are now CSI agents!  
This week, Class 10 have been learning all about the Magna Carta for Parliament Week! We worked in DT to create our own wax stamps.
As part of our 'Going Underground' topic, we visited The National Coal Mining Museum. We enjoyed working visiting a former working coal mine and the highlight was being able to travel hundreds of feet underground to explore and understand more about what life would have been like as a coal miner.
Class 10 and 11 are learning all about coal and mining so a visit to the National Coal Mining Museum was sure to spark their inquisitive minds. They went down 140 metres into the pit and experienced what it was like for a miner. They also had a workshop about rocks and fossils and they [...]
In Class 11, we really enjoy reading and we have shared our favourite book or book that we are currently reading with the class. How many of these books have you read?
As part of our 'Going Underground' topic launch, Class 11 have been studying artefacts from the 1930's that would have been used by mining families in their home. They have also been looking at photographs of life in the mines from that period of time to identify similarities and differences between life in the 1930's and [...]
The Orienteering Finals competition for some of our year 3, 4 and 5 children took place at the end of last term and we are incredibly proud of the year 3 & 4 team who made it through to the South Yorkshire Finals taking place on the 5th of July. All the children gave it [...]
The cricket competition for some of our year 3 and 4 children took place on the 5th June and all the children did really well, even Mr Hughes joined in!
Children in year 4 really enjoyed learning about the correct teeth brushing technique. They used colour disclosure tablets to investigate the effect of brushing their teeth on the removal of plaque.