Year Four

Class 11 have been celebrating National Spain Day this week as part of their learning of the Spanish language.

Class 11 has been learning how to play different melodies on a xylophone this week in music. We followed a simple pattern to play our melodies.
Class 11 has been learning about the structure of the Earth in science this week. The children have worked hard to create their own pictures to show the different layers of the Earth's structure.
Class 11 have been learning how to make fire with POP's Outdoor Adventure as part of their History theme based around Prehistoric Britain. The children also had fun constructing their own shelters to keep them safe and secure.
In science, Class 11 have been learning about the Moon’s 28-day cycle and how the appearance of the Moon changes over this period of time. We used Oreo cookies to try to replicate the different phases of the Moon.
Class 11 have been studying cave paintings from the Stone Age. During our art lesson today, the children have been carefully studying images of the caves and developing their own ideas that they will use in their own cave paintings later in the term.
This week, Y4 were in the woods wi5 POPs learning about the Stone Age! We built our own shelters and even had a go at making fire like the Early Humans would have!
Jaiden Kirk from Class 11 has - along with his classmates - been learning about the Norman invasion of Britain in 1066 and in particular The Battles of Stamford Bridge and Hastings, and how crucial they were in shaping British History. On a recent visit to Whitby, Jaiden was so inspired by his learning that [...]
We worked with POP's Outdoor Adventure Centre to learn even more about the Norman invasion of Britain in 1066. As a class, we studied the battle tactics that were used as they were victorious at the Battle of Hastings. We tried archery and we tried to replicate how archers would use a bow and arrow [...]
Class 11 have been learning about electrical circuits in science today. We were identifying incomplete and complete circuits and we were able to construct a complete circuit to allow electricity to flow around it. ⚡