Year Four

During their science lesson, the children investigated electrical conductivity and insulation. Their aim was to conclude which materials from a given list are electrical conductors or electrical insulators. The children were able to make a prediction based on their scientific knowledge, they then carried out an investigation to collect the results they needed to draw [...]
During our science lesson, the children have been learning all about electrical circuits and how different components can make things work. Using a range of components including bulbs, buzzers, switches and motors, the class were able to construct complete electrical circuits that made bulbs light up, buzzers sound, and motors move.
During our science lesson, we have been learning about electrical circuits and the components that are used to construct them. We were able to understand how electricity moves along an electrical circuit and what the difference between a complete and incomplete circuit is. Finally, we constructed our own series circuits and tested both complete and [...]
During our art lesson, we used the ideas we had in our sketchbooks to create our final piece of work. We held a pencil and pen correctly and we used this to draw lines and shapes to create our vases. To finish, we used a fine liner pen to create patterns and textures using lines, [...]
As part of our learning about Greece, made our own tzatziki (a traditional Greek dip) and our own Greek-style flatbread. In small groups, we followed a recipe to make the tzatziki and flatbread and we enjoyed eating them along with other Greek appetizers including feta cheese and olives.
In science, Class 11 has been learning about the digestive system. They have been able to learn about each organ of the digestive system and how our body digests the food we eat. The children have tried to recreate the digestive system using a range of food and drink including Weetabix, bananas, sweetcorn, and orange [...]

During our art lesson, we further developed our ideas for creating our own Greek pottery designs. We used a range of linear patterns and texture to create our own ideas.

During British Science Week, the theme of the week was growth. We were asked to make our own edible ‘slime’ using a range of ingredients. This was a challenge because we had to make sure the quantities we used were the correct amount; too much or too little meant that the consistency of the mixture [...]
During our art lesson, we studied ancient Greek pottery. We carefully studied images of the patterns that were used to decorate the vases and also the many different shapes before we started drawing our own vases.
During our art lessons, we have been working hard to use different grades of pencil to create line, tone, and texture in preparation for our completed piece of artwork later in the term.