Year Four

Jaiden Kirk from Class 11 has - along with his classmates - been learning about the Norman invasion of Britain in 1066 and in particular The Battles of Stamford Bridge and Hastings, and how crucial they were in shaping British History. On a recent visit to Whitby, Jaiden was so inspired by his learning that [...]
We worked with POP's Outdoor Adventure Centre to learn even more about the Norman invasion of Britain in 1066. As a class, we studied the battle tactics that were used as they were victorious at the Battle of Hastings. We tried archery and we tried to replicate how archers would use a bow and arrow [...]
Class 11 have been learning about electrical circuits in science today. We were identifying incomplete and complete circuits and we were able to construct a complete circuit to allow electricity to flow around it. ⚡
Class 11 have been studying light and shadows and have taken on the challenge of investigating opaque, translucent, and transparent materials in science. The children wanted to find out the properties of these materials and to identify if they would cast a shadow. After their investigation, a conclusion was reached to show that opaque materials [...]
Class 10 had an amazing time with Pops last week! We had lots of discussion around our topic which is based around the Normans aptly named 'Conflicts, Battles, and Castles'. They had lots of fun trying out archery techniques and even got to shoot some real arrows! We even had a fight recreating the battle!
Class 4 are loving our new topic Paws, Claws, and Whiskers! This week they have been super busy retelling the story of Monkey Puzzle, pastelling monkeys, and creating monkeys in the atelier. Look at our amazing work!
Rebekah researched Flamenco dancing for her Spanish task and made a facts fan. Awesome Medieval Castle!
Not only was Scarlet learning her colours in Spanish but also thanking the NHS! Georgia - building a medieval castle in her garden. Connor has made this Medieval stained glass window, and also finished his medieval castle project with the help of his mum! Jacob has been learning his colours in Spanish by drawing lots [...]
Our topic this half term is 'Potions.' We worked collaboratively with POP's to forage for materials to make our own broomsticks and we worked carefully to make these ourselves. Look at the photos to see the our completed work. Finally, we enjoyed a warm hot chocolate by the campfire. Cheers!
Our year 4 children had a Drone Workshop this morning with their parents and from the pictures you can see they had an awesome session. They learned how to use code to programme their drone and then complete a number of challenges. We absolutely loved it! Here is some feedback from our family learning sessions: [...]