Year One

This week we took a plane ride to Rio. We have started planning our carnival and sending out invites to VIP guests We began our art block on printing, partitioning numbers to 100, and made amazing Christ the redeemers in the block play. What a busy week!
Class 5  had an amazing time producing their class greenhouse in DT. We have measured, glued, and done lots of wood cutting with hacksaws! It was tiring work but we really loved it!
What an amazing time we had in Pops! We used spray paint to create an amazing lion on pride rock with a hidden secret. It glows in the dark! We love you Pops
A couple of weeks ago, Y1 Class 4 had lots of fun with Pops collecting natural resources to create our spray paint tiger artwork!

Class 5 were outstanding on their trip to The Yorkshire Wildlife Park last week! They loved every single moment and it was magical to be back to normal on this amazing trip. They saw meerkats, tigers, polar bears, and lions whilst learning soooo many facts along the way! They soaked up everything around them and […]

What a week! - Our eggs hatched and out popped 3 beautiful brown chicks. We have loved naming them - Cheeky Miller and Wembley! We have been learning amazing chick facts all week and have loved having the little fluffy helpers!
Last week we have had lots of fun in Geography finding Brazil and South America on the globe, classifying animals using the headband game, and sorting toys in History. In maths, we have been focusing on counting in multiples of 2,5, and 10 and starting to make equal groups. We also have had a fun-packed [...]

Class 4 has absolutely loved watching our chicks hatch last week! We have built chicken coops in the blocks, wrote how to care for chicks, and learned about the lifecycle of a chicken. What a magical experience for all of the y1 children🐥

In Class 5 we discussed what charity means and who will benefit from our kindness. Class 5 you are truly the kindest group of little future citizens of the world!

This week Class 4 have been learning all about rabbits🐰 We have sketched some beautiful rabbit faces, made rabbits in the atelier, and we used pastels to draw rabbits in the style of our artist Romero Britto!