Year One

We have been looking at the book dinosaurs love underpants. Look at our fabulous art work.
Class 5 started their dinosaur topic this half term with an email from professor Bones asking us to hunt for fossils in our wood. We were amazed to find a TRex skull! We have been busy pastelling our dinosaurs and making dinosaur musical compositions. Class 4 also got in on the dinosaur action!
Class 5 had a fantastic afternoon with Pops this week digging up a huge brachiosaurus skeleton! They used diggers and brushes to carefully reveal the bones. Palaeontologists of the future!
This week we have ended our amazing dragon learning with our dragon building competition!  Thank you grown ups for your amazing support with this.  Every single one was amazing! Class 5 prize winners were Reegan and Rueben! You are all superstars!
Class 5 have been busy with Pops Outdoor Adventure team making woodland crowns in the magical woodland and have had lots of fun with Hunter the therapy dog.
As part of our new topic ‘Land of make believe’ this week class 4 and 5 took delivery of a magical egg! Out hatched a baby dragon! It trashed our classroom and ate the fruit and chocolate! We have had to plan how we will trap it and what will we do to look after [...]
This half term we are loving our Superhero topic! We have been working on the book Supertato and trying to catch the evil pea! We have been making our own vegi superheroes, sewing our own super veg hero, painting and pastelling supertato and building super hero cities! We are SUPER!

And the winners were the Blue Whales 🐋!