Year One

The fabulous Year 1 children finished off their Enchanted Woodland topic with a fun-packed science week. They used their scientist brains to do sticky spider web experiments, melting frozen spiders, creating microhabitats, tree spotting in the woods, making bird feeders and going on a mini-beast safari!

To start off our topic Moon Zoom we discovered an alien had crash landed its flying saucer at Monkwood! Now we have to find the friendly alien Orson and return him to Planet Orb!

This half term we have been so lucky in Year One! On the first day back after Easter we were left lots of different clues which took us to find something super special.

This half term our topic is ‘Moon Zoom’. As part of this topic we will be exploring alien crash landings, researching all of the different planets, making our own moon rock and plenty more exciting things!

This half term class 3 and class 4 are learning all about superheroes! Our half term started by a horrid letter left for us to find from professor slime! He left his mischievous slime all over our outside area and the letter insisted that he is going to turn us all into revolting naughty children!

This week we have welcomed our new class take home bears. The children have chosen to call him/her Coco in Class 4 and Lovebug in Class 3. If they are lucky enough to take the bear home they get to keep it for a whole week and write in its special book. We can’t wait to hear all […]

As part of our learning about ‘The bog baby’ by Jeanne Willis the children have been busy sewing their own bog babies and making them out of play doh. Look at all the lovely work!

We have been on a bog baby hunt in to the enchanted woodland. We had to be soooo quiet so that we didn’t disturb the bog babies!! We spotted the sparkly magic pond hidden beneath the bushes and we were lucky enough to spot a tiny bog baby!

This week we have been sent a letter by Fairy Sparkle Toes! She is very sad because she has lost her wings…she wanted us to help find them so we went on a magical fairy trail! We were lucky enough to find glittering arrows to show us which way to go and an enchanted fairy […]