Year Three

Last term Year 3 loved our Roman topic and all children were really engaged with their learning. We made Roman catapults and shields.

This year, Wickersley Partnership Trust held a ‘design a Christmas card’ competition.  The competition was open to students aged 3-16 across all of our schools, and the winning entries were turned into our Trust Christmas card for 2019, and sent out to all staff and friends of the Trust this week. After careful deliberation from [...]
Class 8 had an amazing trip to York Chocolate Story and spent the day learning about the history of chocolate (and also eating quite a lot of it!)

Class 8 looking amazing for their Christmas nativity!

Class 8 had a fantastic start to our new topic 'Mighty Metals' by creating our own Iron giants in the woods with pops.
The Orienteering Finals competition for some of our year 3, 4 and 5 children took place at the end of last term and we are incredibly proud of the year 3 & 4 team who made it through to the South Yorkshire Finals taking place on the 5th of July. All the children gave it [...]
The cricket competition for some of our year 3 and 4 children took place on the 5th June and all the children did really well, even Mr Hughes joined in!
Year 3 had fun learning about pollination. We became bees and flowers. The bees journeyed from flower to flower collecting and depositing pollen as they went.

Year 3 have been learning about the skeleton this week. They drew around each other to create a life-sized skeleton and then they drew on and labelled all the bones. We all did a fantastic job!

The children in Class 7 have been investigating how long it takes for different types of chocolate to melt. We held the different types of chocolates in our hands until they melted and times how long this took. Then we sampled some chocolate because we had worked so hard!