Year Three

Year 3 spent the whole day with a focus on Spain and Spanish things to celebrate National Spain Day! We all said “buenos dias” and “buenos tardes” on the register and even started to look at what’s inside our pencil case! We even had a go at flamenco dancing and understood that Spain had a [...]
Y3 used their computing skills by finding safe ways to use the internet. We used the search engine Google to find the answer to an array of questions, including ‘How tall is the Eiffel Tower?’
Mrs Deakin and Mr H's class worked cooperatively last Thursday to work together on a historic scavenger hunt! Combining P.E and History, the children had to find the answers to what life was like in the stone age including weapons, social life and even what they ate!! Lots of fun and learning had by all!!
Our class was fortunate enough to spend a morning with Pops where we discovered we could use natural clay made right here at Monkwood on slate, to make our very own stone age cave paintings! We were all very messy as you can see! We also made fire with our very own flint and steel! [...]

In class 8 we had a fantastic morning in the woods with Pops. They took us back to the Stone Age as part of our learning about Prehistoric Britain.

Last week Year 3 children enjoyed the completion of their DT topic work. Over a period of 6 weeks, they researched, designed, re-designed, and made prototypes of clothing made from recycled materials before making and modelling an item of clothing for them to wear themselves. The children presented their work in a fashion show on [...]
Last week, year three loved being outside for their science learning! They learned a new song to help them remember the order of the planets and then explored how the planets orbit the sun. One child commented, "Wow Mercury must go round the sun much quicker than Neptune because its orbit is so much smaller [...]
Y3 have loved being in the woods with Pops this week! They cleared lots of rubbish from a whale's tummy, which linked perfectly to our topic 'Going Green'. They were amazed and a little sad to learn that the equivalent of 100 double-decker buses worth of litter ends up in our oceans EVERY day!

On Thursday 22nd April, World Earth Day 2021, Y3 children at Monkwood Primary School were supporting the event slogan ‘Restore Our Earth’.

Class 8 have loved getting back into the woods with Pops! They had a fantastic morning playing games and building dens!