Year Two

Y2 have been learning about The Great Fire of London. They have studied the artist David Best and then produced their own London skylines with a fiery background.
Y2 have been writing instructions on how to make a bird feeder. Then they used recycled materials to make their bird feeders which they hung on the trees in the school grounds.
Y2 learned how to insert an image into a document on the chrome books. They were looking for pictures of sea creatures and adding text to describe them. Well Done Y2.👍
Y2 have been learning about micro-habitats in Science this week. We went for a walk in the school grounds and found lots of different places where tiny habitats exist. We looked under logs and found worms and small snails. We even found a small cocoon in a curled-up leaf.
Y2 have been on a visit to Scarborough. We learned about Victorian times by looking at paintings in an art gallery, handling artifacts, and dressing up in Victorian clothes. This was followed by ice creams and making sandcastles on the beach.

All our Foundation Two children, Y1 and Y2 children have all achieved their Bronze pledge award. They have worked so hard this term, meeting firemen, going on local geography walks, and visiting castles. Well done to you all! Onwards now to Silver!  👍

Year 2 have been learning about the famous artist, Joseph Turner. They have been using watercolours to create Conisbrough Castle in a similar style to the artist.
Y2 spent time with Pops Outdoor Adventures learning how to use a bow and arrow.

In class 2 last week we learned about Remembrance Day and why we wear a Poppy. We shall not forget ❤️

Year 2 have been making shadows using different light sources. They had great fun using the torches inside and making their own shadows outside.