Year Two

Year 2 have been busy recreating Conisbrough Castle in paint. They have worked hard to make different shades of grey by mixing their own powder paints.

Year 2 went on a visit to Conisbrough Castle. They had a wonderful time and the sun shone all day – they went in the keep, sketched the castle and used compasses to find their way around the castle grounds.

Year 2 have lots of baby stick insects! We have lots of nymphs free to a good home if anyone would like some – they eat ivy, bramble or privet.  

Year 2 have been making electrical circuits and everyone managed to make the bulb light.

To promote positive mental health and wellbeing, our very own Dexter in Year 2 has created a handy video with some hints and tips on how to keep ourselves going.

We are so excited to reveal the winning designs for the Birthday Card competition! Each winner will receive an Amazon gift voucher, a supply of their birthday cards for friends and family, alongside a mystery prize! Well done once again to Darcy Williams (Monkwood), Esmae Swallow (Ashwood), Faye Scott (Monkwood), Chloe Duddill (Sandhill), Isabelle Pitman [...]
This half term Year 2 have been learning all about the Stone Age. To celebrate the end of our topic 'Life in the Dark' we had a Stone Age day. We had a fantastic morning watching a show and joining in with some drama. In the afternoon we made our own Stone Age jewellery.
In the Autumn term Year 2 learnt about the Queen and we wrote letters to her. We asked her lots of questions about her life, her dogs and her family. Last week we were very excited as we received a letter back!
On Tuesday 17th September Year 2 went on a visit to The Deep to see some real life sea creatures as part of our topic 'Brilliant Beaches'. We had a fantastic day!
Today was a fantastic (but toasty hot) sports day for key stage 1 and foundation stage children. All the children were amazing and tried super hard. Massive congratulations to the winners. 3rd place yellow sweetcorn 2nd place green pears 1st place yellow lemons