Year 6 Leavers 2017

A fond farewell message to our super Year 6s….

Over the past two days, we have had the pleasure of celebrating your time here at Monkwood Primary and we hope you now realise just how much we value you, admire you and love you to billy bits. As we joined your parents in watching your final assembly, we were all filled with pride; be in no doubt that every single adult who was in that hall just wants the best for you, and are so excited for what is to come (and also a bit scared…please don’t turn into revolting teenagers). You have represented our school so well. Yes you are super brainy, but you are also great kids. Come rain or shine you have attended every sporting event, you have the most amazing singing voices (I even think Simon Cowell may be in touch) and the art work which you have produced is shamazing. You have held so many responsibilities in school that I think the staff workload will double on Monday, our corridors and toilets will seem empty without you guarding them and I can only imagine the chaos when the registers don’t get delivered to the classes! Most importantly you have huge hearts and have all shown care and compassion to our younger children; you have been their role model and their tears in assembly this morning showed how much you mean to them. We hope that Monkwood will always hold a fond place in your heart…because you will always be firmly in ours.
As much as we would love you to stay, I think we need to let you go…