“We aim to send all young people into an ever-changing world able and qualified to play their full part in it.”

Learning How To Save A Life 🚨

The children took part in a First Aid lesson. They were able to learn how to put someone into the recovery position, the importance of inhalers to asthmatics, how to use an EpiPen for someone who might have suffered an anaphylactic shock. They also learnt how to prevent someone from choking when their airways are […]

Safer Internet And Computing With Year 5

As part of ‘Safer Internet Day’, the children investigated the topic of life online. During the lesson, they discussed how and why we share our life online and how we use the internet in our day to day lives including school, work and our personal lives. To begin with, the children identified and discussed a […]

Little Life Savers 🩹⛑

This week we have had some trained first aiders come in and run a little session with Class 2/3. We learnt all about how to shout for help if we are injured, who to phone and all about bandages. We had such a good time! 

Charcoal Art with Year 6

In Year 6, we used charcoal in Art to create a miner. We used layering, highlighting and other techniques to show depth. It was a messy job!