“We aim to send all young people into an ever-changing world able and qualified to play their full part in it.”


To Year 6

class 15

Meet your teachers

mrs dannatt

I started my job at Monkwood straight from university and I loved it so much that I stayed until now! I have taught in every key stage two year group many times and I am extremely excited to be your teacher in year six in September. It’s going to be a fabulous year! I am a very proud mum to a son, Jake, who will start his final year at university studying history and politics, just as you start your year six journey. My favourite thing to do is laugh so let’s make it a fun and exciting year together.

mrs grafton

I have been part of the Monkwood family for twenty-five years and have probably taught some of your parents too! I have taught various year groups throughout school but have spent most of my time in Year 6. I am REALLY looking forward to being one of your teachers this year and getting to know you all. It’s going to be an amazing year! When I’m not at school, I like to spend time with my family, especially my two young children. My favourite thing is going on day trips with them and having lots of fun and amazing adventures.

Mrs Adams

I’m sure you will have seen me around school or I will have taught your class at some point in my role as a HLTA. Some of your parents may even know me as I have worked at Monkwood for over 20 years! I have two grown-up children and you will probably know my daughter who also works here at Monkwood. In my spare time I try to keep healthy by going on walks and runs which I have to do as one of my favourite pastimes is sitting on my sofa with a bar of chocolate and a good book. I’m looking forward to working with you all in Year 6.

class 16

Meet your teachers

mrs davison

I have taught at Monkwood Primary for nine years and have worked in Foundation stage as well as upper and lower Key Stage two. I am also our school’s Maths coordinator. I am a proud mummy to two cheeky little boys,

Jasper aged 6 and Archie aged 3. We love to spend our weekends walking, cycling, building and making things; we love Lego. I have a degree in Sports Science and love most types of sport. I also enjoy Art and D.T, and am always getting creative at home and at school (just wait and see). I hope that you are all ready to have a brilliant school year – I can’t wait!

mrs lloyd

I have worked at Monkwood for the last 7 years and previously worked in another local Rotherham school. I am Monkwood’s science leader and am keen on helping children to develop a love of science. I am a mum to two children, Brandon aged 13 and Ruby aged 11 who are both very active and keep me on my toes. I love sport and regularly attend taekwondo classes and pilates. As a family we love walking, biking, sometimes going for a run together and relaxing on the settee with a big bag of popcorn to have a family film night. Our favourite holiday each year is skiing where I’m now having to make sure I’m fit enough to keep up with the kids! Looking forward to seeing you all soon ready for a fabulous year 6!

mrs webb

Most of you will already know me as I have taught your class through school in my role as a HLTA. I have worked at Monkwood for over 19 years now! I have 2 grown up children, Jessica and Jack, who both came to Monkwood when they were younger. At home I have a very spoilt dog called Tilly who loves long walks and lots of cuddles on the settee. I enjoy spending time with my family or just sitting reading a good book. I am looking forward to working with you in Year 6 and seeing you have loads of fun learning new things.

Class Information

During the year, there will be many exciting adventures for you to experience. Our Year 6 curriculum covers many exciting themes including these: World War Two, European Cities, Natural Disasters, Mexico, The Miners’ Strike and 20th Century Migration.

Areas of Learning

This year we will be covering many exciting topics across all subject areas. From going back in time and discovering what the world was like hundreds of years ago in History to understanding how the world works in Science.

We will also have PE twice a week. For this you will need to have black PE shorts/trousers and a white t-shirt.

In addition to this, we will be covering a range of genres in reading and writing – enabling us to develop our writing skills and become confident writers.

In maths, we will be exploring numbers to 1 million as well as diving into more tricky areas such as fractions and decimals (Don’t worry we will perservere and get through this together!)

Class News

Y6 Geography

In Geography, Year 6 have used clay to make models that show the different features of coastal erosion: notch, crack, cave, arch, stack and stump.

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Year 6 Science

In Science this week, Year 6 have been investigating how the brightness of a bulb is affected by the voltage of the cells in a

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Y6 History Learning

In history, Year 6 have been looking at how Britain has been shaped by people migrating here over time. We are now going to be focusing on

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