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Monkwood Recommends – The Great Paper Caper

This week Miss Metcalfe is recommending the fantastic book – The Great Paper Caper by Oliver Jeffers.

This book is favourite to read in Class 6 as it is a fun and interesting story that gets everybody thinking!


There was once a forest where everyone was constantly going about their business. All was well until the strangest thing suddenly started happening. Without any warning, branches started disappearing from trees. Something would have to be done…”

Everyone agreed – everyone that, except for someone who was acting very mysteriously indeed.

A thrilling tale of suspense, crime, alibis, paper planes, a forest and bear that wanted to win at all costs!

We hope you all enjoy the recommendation! ♥ 📚

Other beautiful books by Oliver Jeffers are:

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Lost and found

The way back home

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