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WPT First Aid Training

Over this academic year, staff, parents and all of our students took part in First Aid training. The courses were delivered by First Aid Schools and equipped them with the skills and knowledge to handle certain incidents and injuries they may come across.

Topics for our primary schools included:

  • How to be safe at home, school and outside
  • How to call an ambulance and what to say
  • Basic burns and choking
  • Fainting and head injuries
  • Asthma and anaphylaxis
  • Recovery position and basic CPR

The feedback from the students has been positive – it was clear that they enjoyed learning lots of new skills and techniques. 

Sam Clark, Founder of First Aid Schools, said: “This is a fantastic initiative that WPT has undertaken and will ultimately make a difference in many people’s lives. 

“Having travelled around the country and visiting many schools over the past few years, it’s really impressive to see the higher level of knowledge and skills the students from across WPT have.

“I am proud to be a part of equipping young people with the skills and knowledge to make a difference.”

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