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A day filled with the shimmering beauty of glass art! 🎨✨

As part of our Careers in the Curriculum for Art, our students at Monkwood Primary were transported into the enchanting world of stained glass, glass painting, and fused glass, thanks to the incredible talent of Pam Goodison, a true master of her craft.

With awe-inspiring creations and intricate techniques, Pam not only showcased her stunning artwork but also delved into the mesmerising process behind each piece. From the delicate brushstrokes of glass painting to the intricate fusion of colours in fused glass, our students were captivated every step of the way. Pam’s visit was not just an opportunity to learn about art; it was a journey of inspiration, creativity, and wonder.

A huge thank you to Pam for sharing her expertise and igniting the passion for glass art in our young artists! 🌈✨

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